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Our Excuse for Being

IndySpectator's aim is to inspire its subscribers to discover new ways to love Indy. Our content will be a succinct guide to the most important happenings and events occurring everyday in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. We focus not on the mainstream, nor on the extremes, but rather on the well-crafted experiences, both timeless and upcoming, that appeal to our subscribers' singular tastes.

We live in a time where information is flourishing, without heed, and is scattered everywhere - blogs, magazines, print, social media and word of mouth. It's no small feat to keep up with the happenings of restaurants, film, literature, events, art, technology, and fashion. It will be our purpose to curate and chronicle these as concisely as possible, so that our subscribers can keep posted on what is important to Indianapolis creatives, professionals, creative-professionals, and professional-creatives.